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The Reducing Machine Is Often Used In Conjunction With The Thread Rolling Machine

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When we use the hydraulic diameter reducing machine, we need to pay attention to the following ten points.

1. The cooling liquid must be water-soluble emulsified coolant. It is strictly prohibited to use oily coolant, and it can not be replaced by ordinary lubricating oil.

2. It is forbidden to roll the thread without coolant.

3. The end of the reinforcement to be processed shall be flat and must be cut with a toothless saw. It shall be round and straight within 500mm of the end, and bending is not allowed, and it is not allowed to directly process the end cut by gas cutting or cutting machine.

4. During the initial cutting, the feed should be uniform and do not advance sharply to prevent the blade from cracking.

5. Slideway and sliding block shall be cleaned and oiled regularly.

6. Iron filings shall be cleaned in time.

diameter reducing machine

7. The cooling liquid tank shall be cleaned once every half a month.

8. The reducer shall be oiled regularly to maintain the specified oil level.

9. The reducer shall be maintained regularly.

10. The casing of the reducer must be reliably grounded before use.

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