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The Characteristics Of The Automatic Diameter Reducing Machine

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The characteristics of the automatic diameter reducing machine are as follows: 1. The reducer is composed of machinery, electrical appliances and hydraulics, with advanced technology and stable performance. 2. During operation, just click the open button gently, and the reducer can automatically complete the whole process of clamping, feeding, rib stripping, sizing, wire rolling, returning and card loosening of the workpiece to be processed. 3. The whole process of reducing machining workpiece (wire length ≤ 200mm) takes about 35 seconds. 

diameter reducing machine4. The diameter reducing machine has a wide processing range and can process various metal rod threads within the range of m16-27. One machine is dual-purpose, integrating diameter adjustment and thread rolling. Two processing processes can be completed at one time, i.e. diameter adjustment or thread rolling alone. One equipment can be used for general processing methods and two equipment. 5. The thread processed by the reducing machine has good profile and high precision, which fully meets the requirements of mt146.12-2002 standard.

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