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Application Method Of Punching And Shearing Machine Made In China

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What is the actual gap between domestic combined punching and shearing machine tools and world advanced punching and shearing machine tools? How big is the gap? The gap is eight words: fine management, lean manufacturing. The difference is a factorial result: the manufacture of punching and shearing machine tools requires hundreds of steps. If the target value of each step is set to 1, after 10 steps, the result value of the 10th power of 1 is still 1. combined punching and shearing machineDo better in each link, reaching 1.1. After ten links, the tenth power of 1.1 is about 2.59, which is 259% of the original target value. After ten steps, the 10th power of 0.9 is about 0.35, or only 35% of the original target. The manufacture of a punching and shearing machine tool needs more than ten links, and the final result is of course very different.

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