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Round wood multi blade saw is a kind of equipment. It is a wood sawing technology equipment independently developed by Chinese researchers. It has the advantages of smooth feeding, fine processing, no burning of saw blades, high work efficiency, low consumables, safety and environmental protection.

1. It is mainly used for longitudinal sawing of small-diameter logs. According to the preset size, multiple sheets can be sawed at one time. It is widely used in the sawing process of the previous small-diameter logs in Blockboard and finger board factories.

2. Compared with band saw, it has high machining efficiency, high precision, simple and convenient operation, and has low technical requirements for operators, which makes up for the shortcomings of band saw such as low machining accuracy, low efficiency and high operation technical requirements.

3. The saw blade is equipped with a cooling device, which is not easy to burn the saw blade and prolongs the service life of the saw blade.

4. Double row sharp tooth chain feeding, simple and economical maintenance.

5. The discharge end is equipped with an active material distribution guide device, which is not easy to clamp the saw blade and improves the smoothness of feeding.

multi blade saw

6. The spindle box forward and backward guide rail and feeding guide rail are supplied with manual lubrication pump, which prolongs the service life of the guide rail.

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