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Method Of Replacing Die For Shrinkage Reducing Machine

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In the hydraulic system of round steel diameter reducing machine, it is necessary to adjust the pressure, which should be selected from low to high as required. The smaller the working diameter, the smaller the pressure required. The smaller the set pressure on the premise that the diameter reduction can be completed, the better. However, the pressure is small and the speed is generally slow. Users can choose according to the situation. Loosen the fixing screws at the front section of the reducing die and remove the end cover. 

diameter reducing machineGently tap the rear end of the die with a diagonal iron to remove the die. On the contrary, put the die into the machine head and tighten the gland. (Note: it is forbidden to knock hard alloy) during replacement, it is necessary to open the upper cover of the clamping oil cylinder box, remove the two pin shafts on the pull frame, remove the original clamping block from the front part of the sliding block, and then install the required clamping block at one time according to the number. Then install it in reverse order, wipe the removed clamping block, oil it and keep it for standby.

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