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Maintenance Method Of Punching And Shearing Machine In Winter

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More and more multifunctional combined punching and shearing machines appear in people's vision. The hydraulic transmission is labor-saving and convenient, but it is easy to be damaged. The main reason is that I don't understand its working principle and structure, and I don't understand the maintenance methods. Do you know that there are three basic maintenance factors for the multifunctional punching and shearing machine system? Is overheating, pollution and entering the air.combined punching and shearing machine

1. Overheating.

2. The working oil deteriorates.

3. The cleaning and assembly of some main parts in the system shall be carried out in a clean environment, with clean floors and closed doors and windows, and the temperature shall be maintained at 200 ¡æ.

The hydraulic press system is used for many preventive measures taken for the engine and other mechanical systems in winter, such as covering anti freezing, heating and thermal insulation, changing to low viscosity working oil, etc. In winter, always check and maintain the working oil of the multi-functional punching and shearing machine system. The common faults and maintenance methods of multifunctional punching and shearing machine are often some good parts in the hydraulic transmission system.

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