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Safe Use Of Combined Punching And Shearing Machine

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Safe use of combined punching and shearing machine:

1. Before start-up, check whether the transmission parts, connecting screws and pin shafts of the combined punching and shearing machineare loose. Whether the electrical grounding is intact.

2. Lubricate all parts before work, start up and test run for two to three minutes, and put them into operation only if there is no problem.

3. Overload is not allowed, and punching and shearing of quenched steel is strictly prohibited.

4. Wear gloves and labor protection articles during work, and sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited.

5. During punching and shearing, always refuel the punching tools to prevent the upper and lower punching tools from skewing.

combined punching and shearing machine

6. Pay attention to the safety of fingers during feeding, especially when the plate can not be pressed by the presser foot after it is washed, punching and shearing is prohibited.

7. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble, disassemble and calibrate the cutting edge and die when driving. It is not allowed to knock the die, shear blade and other parts.

8. The specification range of sheet metal shall be strictly controlled, and punching and shearing are strictly prohibited when it is exceeded.

9. Other articles and a large amount of flushing materials shall not be stacked in the workplace, and the vehicle must be stopped during adjustment and cleaning.

10. After the work is completed, shut down and cut off the power in time, and clean the site.

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