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Quotation Of Diameter Reducing Machine Made In China

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Our company integrates the research, development and production of diameter reducing machine, has strong technical force, complete supporting equipment for various disciplines, advanced production technology, strict quality management of hydraulic reducing mill, check at all levels, and excellent product qualification rate. Over the years, through the continuous efforts of our scientific researchers, a new generation of hydraulic reducing mill has been developed, 

diameter reducing machineand its technical indexes meet the national standards. The round steel reducing machine adopts a unique three clamping design, which has the characteristics of high clamping strength and stable clamping force. At the same time, the reducing cylinder is equipped with a rear jacking device. No matter how long or short your workpiece is, it can be completed on this machine conveniently and quickly. It is an ideal equipment for making all kinds of high-strength bolts and reducing diameter before drawing.

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