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Skills In Purchasing Scissor Lifts Made In China

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Advantages of hydraulic scissor lift  platform of electric tricycle:

1. It can be widely used in mechanical installation inside and outside stations, docks, airports, bridges, halls and plants. Equipment maintenance and building maintenance.

2. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful appearance and stable lifting, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. It is deeply welcomed by users.

3. Also known as the machine is a flexible limb and hand frame, a movable elevator, and can work in various environments.

scissor lift

4. Aerial work platform, which can work in the field or in places without power supply, is an ideal machine in flammable areas such as petroleum industry, chemical industry, oil depot and grain depot. The main frame is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube, which is strong and durable.

5. The inclined cylinder design is adopted. The inclined cylinder support can reduce the stress of the boom and increase the service life of the boom.

6. The joint parts of the elevator are mostly equipped with oil free bearings. The center pin, side pin and ear pin of the boom are equipped with grease fittings to facilitate the filling of grease, lubricate the joint parts and increase the service life.

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