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Characteristics And Operation Steps Of Concrete Mixer

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Performance characteristics of concrete mixer:

1.The whole machine has reasonable design, optimized performance and convenient use and maintenance.

2.Convenient operation, fast unloading speed, low energy consumption and low noise.

3.Firm and reliable, long service life, good mixing quality and high efficiency.

concrete mixer

Operation steps of concrete mixer:

1.Empty vehicle test run shall be conducted before mixing.

2.Adjust the timing of the time relay according to the mixing time, and pay attention to the adjustment in case of power failure.

3.Wet the mixing drum, blades and site with water.

4.In case of electrical or mechanical failure in the process, part of the mixture shall be unloaded, the load shall be reduced, and the operation can be started after the failure is eliminated.

5.During operation and use, it shall be checked frequently to prevent safety accidents such as electric shock and mechanical injury.

6.After the test, turn off the power, clean the mixing drum and site, and clean up.

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