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Application Scope Of Fog Cannon Machine

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Application scope of fog cannon machine:

1. Dust pollution treatment of open-pit material storage yard, coal logistics park, open-pit mine mining, open-pit blasting dust, closed unloading area, truck unloading port, dump truck unloading dust, large loader working dust, coastal port shipping, transfer of coal, ore, bulk powder handling, etc.

2. Construction dust control, unloading and loading transportation of construction waste or waste residue, local dust control during mechanical operation, and road dust pollution control during heavy vehicle transportation.

fog cannon

3. Airports, expressways, stations, docks, public places, sports venues, hot venues and other dust reduction, moisturizing, cooling and disinfection.

4. Environmental disinfection of livestock and poultry houses, industrial water mist cooling, humidification, city sanitation and epidemic prevention. However, with the rapid development of facility agriculture and bio pesticide spraying, the cart type dust sprayer is also applied to the field of facility agriculture, spraying chemical pesticides and biological pesticides, and raising seedlings in warm rooms, greenhouse humidification and cooling, and foliar fertilization.

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