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The Road Sweeper Uses The Battery As The Power Source

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The electric road sweeper mainly uses the battery as the power source to complete the full-automatic sweeping and cleaning function. Due to the use of electric energy as the power, there is no secondary pollution and no exhaust emission. With more and more attention, it is more and more welcomed by enterprises and institutions. It is widely used for cleaning large-area ceramic tile, marble and cement floors such as supermarkets, workshops, pedestrian streets, hotel halls, waiting halls, auditoriums and subways. The electric sweeper is equipped with a water spraying device, which reduces the dust generated in the operation process. 

road sweeperAt the same time, the operation is simple and flexible, and has strong adaptability to the cleaning space. Generally, it is mostly small, and the cleaning function can be completed by one person. The scope of application includes all kinds of streets, courtyards, squares, workshops and other places, especially the ground where large sweepers cannot drive.

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