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The Cold Heading Machine Made In China Has High Cost Performance

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The processing and forming of metal parts of cold heading machine originally requires mechanical multi process cutting, while the cold heading method can minimize cutting or no cutting, and then directly form into the shape and size people want, which not only saves a lot of materials, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and significantly improves the mechanical strength. The multi station automatic cold heading machine uses the cold heading method to process optical disc components or bars. After tapping, it automatically upsets various hexagon nuts, that is, grinding the standard hexagon nuts. 

cold heading machineThe reinforcement bar is transported through the roller driving device, and then transported, cut, press ball, press angle, hydraulic pressure and punch press. Several processes are completed by one machine. The cold heading station is horizontally arranged, which has the characteristics of accurate positioning, stable operation and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for large-scale production of manufacturers. Multi station automatic cold heading machine is a special equipment for producing hexagon nuts and some non-standard parts. Single side S-shaped plate is more stable and stronger, and the time is adjustable.

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