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How To Operate After The Diameter Reducing Machine Is Finished

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How to operate after the diameter reducing machine is finished:

1. It is necessary to place the electrical box in a ventilated place to prevent operation in dust and corrosive gas.

2. It is not allowed to install or connect PC input and output terminals without permission.

3. When exchanging the power supply of the machine tool, it is necessary to recognize the motor steering from the beginning.

4. The machine tool shall be kept clean, and special attention shall be paid to that there shall be no foreign matters in the sliding grooves such as clamping block and sliding block.

5. Regularly add smooth oil to the chain and other sliding parts.

6. It is necessary to disconnect the power supply during cleaning and maintenance.

diameter reducing machine

7. Preparation before start-up: check whether the oil level in the oil tank reaches the oil level line, add oil at each smooth point, open the reducing mill to confirm the rotation of the motor, check whether there is abnormal sound in the oil pump, and check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system after starting up (the angle encoder is in a state where refueling is not allowed).

8. Pressure adjustment: adjust the pressure with electromagnetic relief valve to ensure that the system pressure reaches the required working pressure.

9. Mold adjustment: the mold device needs to be in the middle of the mold and the clamping block, and the clamping block can be adjusted with bolts; The booster block is in the middle of the die, and the booster block is adjustable; Align the core head with the mold, loosen the bolt of the core head frame, and tighten the bolt after adjusting the middle.

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