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Safety Operation Regulations For Diameter Reducing Machine

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Safety operation regulations for diameter reducing machine:

Before use, check whether the oil volume of the lubrication system is sufficient, keep the oil passage smooth, and keep the sliding surface of the guide rail clean and lubricated. Operators shall wear labor protection articles, and it is forbidden to operate with gloves to avoid danger. During the operation of the machine tool, operators cannot leave at will.

If the pressure needs to be adjusted in the process of reducing diameter, turn the change-over switch to the manual position, press the back button to make the oil cylinder back to the end, press and hold the back button without releasing it, adjust the triangular handle on the overflow valve, turn clockwise to increase the pressure and counterclockwise to decrease the pressure.

 diameter reducing machinePay attention to the pressure gauge during adjustment. When adjusting the pressure, it should be adjusted according to the diameter of the workpiece, so that when the equipment can complete the diameter reduction, the smaller the pressure, the better. You can reduce the pressure first, and then slowly increase the pressure until the diameter can be reduced.

During operation, do not touch the rotating parts of the equipment with your hands. If the equipment breaks down or parts are replaced during use, you must cut off the power supply first and then carry out maintenance.

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