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Structural Composition Of Bench Drill

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The components of bench drill machine (referred to as bench drill) are as follows.

(1) The front end of the spindle frame is the spindle, and the rear end is the motor. The spindle and motor are driven by V-belt;

(2) The lower end of the spindle is provided with a taper hole for installing a drill bit or a drill chuck. The spindle speed can be adjusted by changing the position of the V-belt on the pulley. The spindle feed of the bench drill is manual;

bench drill

(3) The column column is used to support the spindle frame and workbench, and is also a guide column for adjusting the height of the spindle frame and workbench;

(4) Part of worktable for clamping workpieces;

(5) The base is used to support other parts of the bench drill;

In addition, look at the locking handle and locking screw; The locating ring is used to fix the spindle carrier and position the spindle carrier.

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