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Stirrup Bending Machine

Operation Video Of Stirrup Bending Machine

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1. The operator shall carefully check the relevant process of daily maintenance of the stirrup bending machine. Before starting up, carefully check whether the equipment parts and accessories are in good condition, whether the lubrication, electrical appliances, power supply, control parts and safety protection devices are safe and reliable, whether there is air leakage in the air circuit, whether the gear oil meets the specified requirements, and whether the processed steel bars are within the safe allowable range.

2. Operate the vehicle without load for 5 minutes, turn on the control switch and power supply after confirming that it is normal, check that there is no alarm signal, and remove the fault according to the fault prompt.

3. Adjust the pressure regulating valve of the traction cylinder and the feed cylinder to the appropriate pressure so that the reinforcement is clamped and not damaged,

stirrup bending machine

4. Adjust the straightening wheel to make the reinforcement bear uniform force when passing through the straightening wheel

5. Various kinds of reinforcement shall be processed, and proper axis shall be selected

6. Operate the keyboard, input the rebar processing graphics, working diameter and processing quantity according to the rebar processing material list, and officially produce.

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