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Precautions For Rice Mill Machine Operation

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The rice milling machine is mainly composed of fixed wrench, tightening nut wrench, brush, hopper, grinding wheel, wire brush, etc. The mechanical force generated by mechanical equipment is used to peel and whiten brown rice. The mechanical equipment used is called rice milling machine. The upstream of China's rice milling machinery manufacturing industry is the power parts, standard parts, electrical parts, machined parts and steel production industry, and the downstream is the rice processing industry. There are eight precautions when using the rice mill,

1. The installation of the main and auxiliary engines shall be stable and reliable, the length and tightness of the transmission belt shall be appropriate, and the rotating and transmission parts shall be equipped with protective cover devices.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether all parts of the rice mill are in good technical condition, then close the inlet plug and open the outlet plug.

3. After the rice mill operates normally and the feed hopper is filled with rice, gradually open the outlet plugboard, and observe whether the grain accuracy, broken rice and broken rice meet the requirements. If not, stop the machine to adjust the spacing of the outlet plug plate or the rice knife.

4. When the accuracy, broken rice and broken grain meet the requirements, open the inlet plug board as large as possible until it is fully loaded.

rice milling machine

5. Clean the chaff at the outlet of the rice machine frequently to keep the outlet unblocked.

6. If it is found that there are rice grains and whole rice mixed in the fine bran, immediately check whether the rice sieve is damaged or missing, and take corresponding measures.

7. During the work, the fastening of the belt and screw, the temperature and lubrication of the bearing should be checked frequently. If the running sound of the rice machine is abnormal, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection, and forced operation is not allowed.

8. Always pay attention to the cleaning of rice. Hard objects such as iron blocks, nails, bricks and tiles shall not be contained in the rice, and wire mesh shall be installed in the feed hopper.

At present, rice mills have entered the homes of ordinary people, and it is particularly important to popularize the knowledge of safe use to farmers. Farmers should pay attention to the above aspects when using rice mills safely.

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