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Introduction To The Operating Procedures Of Chain Trencher

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1. During the use of chain trencher machines, it is important to observe and listen to all directions. Be diligent in your eyes, ears, and hands. Once you hear a dull and abnormal noise from the trenching machine chain, you should quickly stop the machine and inspect it to see if you encounter obstacles such as metal or large stones. 2、 When the chain trenching machine is running normally, the rear crawling gearbox must be placed in the neutral position, and the built-in gear can be used when walking. 

chain trencher3、 When using a chain trencher for trenching, the self-propelled gear must be placed in the neutral position. When using the rear output to rotate the trenching, it must slowly descend to the required depth before the subsequent crawling gear transmission can work. When using the first gear to work (with a depth greater than 1 meter).

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