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How to select the installation position of hydraulic winch

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 How to select the installation position of hydraulic winch:

(1) The drainage around the installation position of the winch must be unblocked and the working shed should be set up;
(2) The installation position of the winch shall enable the operator to see clearly the commander and the objects to be lifted or dragged. The horizontal distance from the hoist to the installation position of the component should be greater than the installation height of the component, that is, when the component is hoisted to the installation position, the elevation angle of the operator's line of sight should be less than 45 °;hydraulic winch
(3) The guide pulley shall be set in front of the winch. The distance between the guide pulley and the drum axis shall not be less than 15 times of the drum width, that is, the inclination angle α shall not be greater than 2 ° (Fig. 14-19). The grooveless drum shall be greater than 20 times of the drum width, so as to avoid excessive wear between the wire rope and the groove edge of the guide pulley;
(4) The direction of wire rope winding into the drum shall be perpendicular to the drum axis, and the allowable deviation of perpendicularity is 6 °. In this way, the steel wire rope coils can be arranged in order, without skew winding and mutual overlapping and extrusion.

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