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The common faults of hydraulic winch

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The common faults of hydraulic winch include: action fault (such as abnormal starting, too slow or no action of actuator, significant reduction of actuator speed under load, etc.); pressure fault (such as pressure can not meet the requirements, pressure instability or pressure regulation failure, pressure impact, etc.); noise and vibration; oil temperature is too high; oil pollution, etc.

In addition to the failure reasons of hydraulic hoist, the design, manufacture and installation fail to meet the specification requirements and the normal wear of parts after long-term use of the equipment, attention should be paid to the faults caused by improper operation and management.hydraulic winch

Compared with mechanical drive and electric drive, the frequent faults of hydraulic winch have the characteristics of diversity and complexity, and are closely related to operation management.

Several faults of hydraulic winch often occur and interweave at the same time. Some of these faults are caused by the failure of a certain hydraulic component, and some are caused by the comprehensive factors of multiple hydraulic components in the system.

Even if the hydraulic winch is the same fault, the causes are not the same. In particular, the current marine hydraulic equipment is a common combination of machinery, hydraulic, electrical and microcomputer, and the causes of failure are many. The same cause may cause different faults.

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