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Precautions for burying ground anchor by electric winch

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Precautions for burying ground anchor by electric winch

1. The necessary calculation should be made according to the cable tension, and the corresponding safety factor should be considered to make it have enough anchoring force. According to the calculation and embedding conditions, the specifications and types of ground anchors are selected.

2. The ground anchor is only allowed to bear force in the specified direction, and the direction of the rooting steel wire rope should be consistent with the force direction of the ground anchor as far as possible.electric winch

3. The ground anchor should be buried in a dry place to prevent rain soaking.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use wood damaged by insects, decay and cracks as ground anchors.

5. It is forbidden to use unstable objects, electric poles, equipment, pipelines and structures with unknown tonnage on site to replace ground anchors.

6. Special personnel shall be assigned to be responsible for the anchor during the use, and regular inspection shall be carried out, especially after rain, and timely measures shall be taken to find problems.

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