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How to assemble electric winch seal correctly

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Correct assembly of electric winch seal: when installing the seal ring, the oil leakage will be caused by the burr at the sharp edge such as spline and thread, etc. when installing the seal ring, special care should be taken in the maintenance and assembly work. When the seal ring installation must pass through the shaft with keyway, thread and other openings, guide tools should be used, and metal tools such as screwdrivers should not be used for assembly, otherwise the sealing ring will be scratched and twisted. electric winchAttention should also be paid to the correct direction when assembling the seal of winch. If the lip of directional sealing ring is installed reversely, it will not only fail to seal, but also cause oil leakage. Improper force during installation will also lead to oil leakage. For example, when installing the O-ring, do not pull it to the permanent deformation position, and do not install while rolling. Otherwise, the electric lubricating pump may leak oil due to the distortion of the sealing ring.

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