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Methods of prolonging service life of electric winch

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How to maintain the electric winch to improve its service life:

As we all know, good maintenance of the winch can greatly improve the service life of the equipment, and the safety can also be greatly improved, greatly reducing the possible personal and property losses in the operation process, and saving the production cost for the enterprise.

1. For newly installed hoists or hoists installed after disassembly and inspection, they shall be put into trial operation without load for several times. However, before the installation is completed, do not power on for test run;

2. The motor shall be equipped with separate operation switch and overload and moment circuit protection device. The metal shell shall be reliably grounded to ensure safety;

3. In case of abnormal sound, brake failure and high temperature rise of reducer bearing during the operation of winch, the machine shall be shut down for inspection and troubleshooting;

4. In the use of the winch, it is absolutely forbidden to use it in the environment that is not allowed, and when the rated load and the rated closing times per hour (120 times) are exceeded.

5. During installation, commissioning and maintenance, the wire rope electric hoist must strictly check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable. The load test of the hoist is based on the rated load weight, and repeated lifting and left-right movement tests are conducted to check whether the mechanical transmission part is normal and reliable.electric winch

6. During operation, the operator should concentrate on the signal and follow the command. When the winch is in operation, the operator is not allowed to leave his post. When lifting heavy objects, the operation should be soft and stable. Do not raise or drop rapidly. Try to avoid emergency braking in the air.

Although the structure and operation of winch equipment is not complex, if it can not be maintained and repaired seriously, it will have frequent failures and shorten the service life. Therefore, in addition to daily maintenance, when the machine is idle or used less times each year, the whole machine should be disassembled, and the parts and components should be treated according to three categories: scrapping, repairing and serviceable. Avoid big problems caused by small parts.

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