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Five points for attention in operation of diesel winch

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Five points for attention in operation of diesel winch;

1. For the winch of new equipment or equipment after dismantling and inspection, the first step is to carry out the empty car test for several times. However, before the completion of the equipment, do not test run with power on;

2. The motor shall have its own operation switch and be equipped with overload and torque protection equipment. The metal shell shall be grounded firmly to ensure safety;diesel winch

3. In case of abnormal sound, brake failure and high temperature rise of the bearing position of the reducer, the winch should be stopped for inspection and troubleshooting;

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the hoist under the disallowed environment, under the condition of exceeding the extra load and extra closing times per hour (120 times);

5. During the equipment debugging and protection, the wire rope electric hoist needs to strictly check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable. The winch load test is based on the additional load component, and the repeated lifting and left-right movement test is conducted to check whether the mechanical transmission is normal and reliable;

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