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Operating Instructions Of Multifunctional Macaroni Machine

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Operating instructions of multifunctional macaroni machine:

1. Pretreatment of raw and auxiliary materials: weigh the flour, sift and remove impurities, weigh the salt, alkali and water in a certain proportion (the water temperature is about 20 ℃), drain and stir the salt and alkali at the same time, stir until they are completely dissolved, and then pour them into the flour.

2. Mix and ripen the prepared flour. When mixing and operating on the machine, keep the indoor temperature above 10 ℃, stir for 20 minutes (surface temperature 20-30 ℃) to the shape of dough, so that the flour can fully absorb water. (if possible, use the motor mixing cylinder to stir) form a gluten network after expansion, place it for 10 minutes, keep the surface temperature 20-30 ℃, and then put it on the machine. Note: during mixing, for example, alkali, salt solution and mixing temperature are too low. The dough does not form a tendon network, and the shell is not crisp. On the contrary, if the temperature of alkali and salt is too high and the mixing temperature is too high, the dough and gluten will age and the dough will mature too early. Therefore, it must be operated as required.

3. The stirred fabric is sent to the multi-functional food machine, and the fabric is made and shaped in the repeated rolling process, and then sent to the oil pan.macaroni machine

4. Fry, put the quantitatively cut products into the hot oil pot (the oil temperature is maintained at about 180 ℃) and fry for 1 minute, then take them out, cool and dry, pack and store them in the warehouse. Note: oil shall be pressed (or mixed with vegetable oil and lard in the ratio of 1:1). The oil temperature before the material is put into the pot shall not be higher than 200 ℃, and the oil temperature after the material is put into the pot shall not be lower than 170 ℃.

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