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Hydraulic winch is used in various lifting equipment

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Hydraulic winch is used in various lifting equipment occasions. The types are divided into: built-in hydraulic winch, exposed hydraulic winch, high-speed hydraulic winch, low-speed hydraulic winch. Hydraulic winch is usually composed of hydraulic motor, control valve group, gearbox, drum, support, (clutch), rope press or rope guide, installation support, etc. Some hydraulic hoists are directly composed of hydraulic motor, control valve group, drum, end support shaft, etc.

hydraulic winch

without support. These can be selected according to the needs of customers. They can be widely used in conveyor tensioning devices, construction machinery, hoisting machinery such as truck crane, crawler crane, aerial work vehicle, forestry crane, and port ships such as port crane and floating ship crane, Dredger, crane, davit, and large lifting equipment, such as oil drilling rig, offshore oil drilling platform, rotary drilling rig of piling machinery, rock drilling rig, core drill, hydrostatic pile press, etc

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