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Scrap Rebar Straightener

Scrap rebar straightener should be improved

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The reinforcement straightening machine has potential safety hazards, Scrap rebar straightener should be improved: a bell shaped incoming drum with a diameter of 40 mm shall be made at the reinforcement inlet of the reinforcement straightening machine × For 40 mm square pipe, a shelf with appropriate height shall be made according to the shape of bell mouth, and the height shall be consistent with the height at the inlet of reinforcement straightener. The bell mouth is made of grade III deformed steel bar with a diameter of 14mm as the main reinforcement, with a length of 2.5m and a spacing of no more than 200mm at the entrance.

scrap rebar straightening machine

The reinforcement with a diameter of 10mm is welded with the main reinforcement as spiral stirrup. The diameter of the big mouth of the horn is 1m and the diameter of the small mouth is 0.2m. When the round reinforcement straightens through the bell mouth, it basically moves forward in a straight line and enters the reinforcement straightening machine, which is safe, reduces the damage to the machinery, and eliminates the hidden danger that the round reinforcement may harm pedestrians and operators during setting out.

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