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How do we clean spaghetti machine correctly

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After using the electric spaghetti machine for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid dust or residual substances affecting the hygiene after use. Then how do we clean spaghetti machine correctly?

1. Turn off the switch and main power supply of the electric noodle machine or unplug the plug.

2. Remove the detachable part and soak the parts removed by the electric noodle machine with warm water below 40 ¡æ.

3. The easy to clean part can be cleaned and dried first.

4. Parts that need to be soaked for a long time shall be cleaned after soaking for 15 minutes.

5. Carefully brush the narrow gap parts such as the gear of the electric noodle machine (toothbrush can be used).

6. After cleaning, the parts contacting the dough shall be soaked in boiling water twice (one minute each) and then picked up and drained. The dry part shall be wiped with clean toilet paper.

spaghetti machine

7. According to the type of steel, it is easy to rust and needs to be brushed with edible vegetable oil for rust prevention.

8. Carefully remove the residues in narrow gaps such as the main engine gear with a blade or brush.

9. Wipe off flour and other residues with a dry cloth.

10. Restore all parts of the electric noodle machine.

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