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Popular Diesel Engine Winch In Africa

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At the place where the diesel winch driver and commander observe, the operator shall be able to directly see the equipment hoisting process and receive the command signal at the same time. The winch should be installed a little far away from the hoisting center. If the mast is used for hoisting, the distance should not be less than the height of the mast. The building winch adopts fast operation in other sections, and the transformation is quite convenient. Hydraulic tensioning.

diesel winch

The winch locomotive adopts hydraulic tensioning device, which has large tensioning stroke and can quickly respond to the elastic change of steel wire rope. Therefore, the tensioning device must provide tensioning force more than traction force. Workers must work with certificates. They are not allowed to work without certificates. It is forbidden to leave their posts without permission. In addition, since the products of most construction machinery enterprises are diversified, the budget for brand communication and promotion should be subdivided into 360 degree image and each product as far as possible.

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