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Working Video Of Marine Hydraulic Winch

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Before using the hydraulic winch, we should not only know how to use it, but also some precautions. We should note that there are many precautions that we can better use it. The following is the relevant introduction of the precautions:

1. When using the hydraulic winch, it is necessary to preliminarily determine the type, installation type, process and parameters of the reducer.

2. It is also necessary to determine the transmission stage of the winch, which can be determined according to the total transmission ratio, and determine the geometric parameters.

hydraulic winch

3. When the hydraulic winch is used for shift handover, the no-load test run and the safety protection device test shall be carried out, and records shall be made.

4. During operation, pay attention to the patrol inspection of the working conditions of various components. If there is any abnormality, stop the operation in time and eliminate the abnormality.

Therefore, in the above contents, when using the hydraulic winch, we must do some relevant inspections and experiments, and try to choose the trial operation if possible before it is officially put into use.

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