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Sealing Requirements For Electric Hoist

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The basic requirements for sealing of electric winch are good sealing, safety and reliability, long service life, compact structure, simple system, convenient manufacturing and maintenance and low cost. Most seals are vulnerable parts, and interchangeability shall be ensured to realize standardization and serialization.

Sealing requirements for electric winch:

¢Ù Type and purpose of sealing material, and the sealing material shall meet the requirements of sealing function.

¢Ú Due to different sealed media and different working conditions of equipment, sealing materials are required to have different adaptability.

¢Û The general requirements for sealing materials are: good material compactness and not easy to leak media; Have appropriate mechanical strength and hardness; Good compressibility and resilience, small deformation; No softening and decomposition at high temperature, no hardening and no embrittlement at low temperature.

electric winch

¢Ü Under certain pressure, the sealing performance is reliable and the service life is long.

¢Ý It does not produce too much friction on the relative moving surface, and the wear is small. It can be compensated automatically after wear.

¢Þ The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient manufacture and disassembly.

Due to the harsh working environment and high working intensity of the electric winch, there is a high demand for its sealing material and related tolerance. On the premise of ensuring the above requirements, appropriate inspection and maintenance work shall be done regularly to ensure that the equipment seal can be used for a long time.

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