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Where Is There A Mutton Slicer In Pakistan

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The numerical control meat slicer conforms to the national food hygiene standard, is waterproof and easy to clean. It all adopts special electrical appliances, PLC control, servo motor push, double guidance and smooth propulsion, arranges the cast iron body, removes all vulnerable parts, and has stable structure. It completely solves the problem of high failure rate of the old mechanical slicer and realizes full automation in the real sense. The small beef and mutton coiler has the function of automatic fast forward and fast backward. meat slicerIt can adjust the thickness without stopping. It can be automatically added and subtracted on the NC switch according to the required thickness. The NC slicer does not need slow freezing before cutting meat, and there is no meat head left. It is neat, beautiful and easy to package. It has high processing efficiency Save labor. Infrared induction protection device can be optional. Now most meat processing units have gradually introduced langong CNC beef and mutton slicer, which is suitable for large meat processing plants, food factories and meat wholesalers.

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