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Meat Slicer

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Meat Slicer

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Meat Slicer Description

Mutton slicer is also called mutton slicer, mutton slicer, slicer, sheep slicer, etc. It is a professional slicer for frozen mutton and frozen fat cattle. The mechanical transmission of high-power double motors (without circuit board) ensures the service life; The thickness of slices is balanced, the automatic rolling effect of meat slices is good, the machine has low noise, and the stability of the whole machine is excellent; The original automatic sharpening structure makes the sharpening operation convenient and safe; The stainless steel body meets the requirements of food hygiene; Packed in wooden cases, you can rest assured of the transportation safety of the machine. Product features: automatic slicer, suitable for hot pot shops, restaurants, hotels and food processing plants. The meat cutting effect is uniform. It adopts double axis design, which is particularly stable and durable.

The CNC mutton slicer is controlled by Siemens PLC and driven by servo motor, which solves the problem of high failure rate of mechanical slicer and realizes full automation in the real sense. Infrared induction safety protection device (optional). Through market research, the company specially develops disposable cutting tools to solve the problem of difficult grinding of some customers. Double guide propeller, automatic forward and backward, with a knife starting height of 20cm, can cut fat cattle board standing, adjust the thickness without stopping, and can be automatically added or subtracted on the NC switch according to the required thickness. It can cut 200-300kg meat per hour. The workbench is made of organic plastic board special for food to ensure food safety and hygiene. Meat rolls can be directly operated on the machine without thawing, It can cut a variety of roll shapes (coarse roll, fine roll and long roll), which are neat and beautiful, arranged, easy to package, high processing efficiency, safety and labor saving.

Advantages of CNC frozen meat slicer:

1. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

2. Each 2.5 ~ 25kg frozen meat plate and fat plate oil at - 18 ¡æ can be directly cut into blocks or flakes, which is the previous process of chopper and grinder.

3. The use of frozen meat chopper can avoid pollution and nutrient loss in the retarding process, not only ensure the freshness of meat, but also save the ice refrigeration process and reduce the refrigeration cost of users.

4. Mutton coiler frozen meat slicer is equipped with automatic protection device. It adopts integral welding structure, with shockproof, low noise, stable machine and good performance.

5. The mutton coiler has a raw meat operation platform, which is convenient and labor-saving. The slideway is located outside, and there will be no pollution of raw materials. It can be equipped with a standard hopper car, which will not splash out when slicing.



Input voltage

Length of pusher

Cutter width

Tool lifting height










40-60 kg / h








70-100 kg / h








140-200 kg / h


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