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Vegetable Cutter

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Vegetable Cutter

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Vegetable Cutter Description

According to the needs of different users, the commercial multifunctional vegetable cutter can cut leafy vegetables and bulbous vegetables and fruits at the same time on one equipment. Cutting leafy vegetables adopts advanced frequency conversion technology, which can adjust the knife rotation speed and the speed of conveying materials within the set range. Through mutual cutting, various leafy vegetables can be cut into segments or small pieces. The other end (right) drives the cutterhead through the motor and belt, and is equipped with different Cutterheads. Under the rotating cutting, the stem bulb (melon and fruit) can be sliced, shredded and granulated respectively.

The commercial multifunctional vegetable cutting machine is composed of slicing knife, silk cutting knife and block cutting knife group. When the slicer works alone, it can be cut into pieces. During practical processing, the silk cutter group is installed to process into silk. The cut silk is put into processing again to get small dice, namely filling. During the block cutting process, install the block cutting knife group, process it into square strips at one time, and put the square strips into processing again to get the blocks. Tool change adjustment. When slicing, loosen the butterfly nut on the side of the eccentric operating handle, pull the operating handle inward, and the slicing becomes thinner, otherwise it becomes thicker. Before replacing the knife set, loosen the butterfly nut, pull the operating handle to the inside, push the knife set to be replaced into place, tighten the upper rotation, then pull the operating handle outward until the lower end of the movable plate is close to the knife set, and then tighten the disc nut.

The cutting of two different structures of the commercial multifunctional vegetable cutter makes the cut materials have the characteristics of flush section, uniform thickness, fresh section, no damage to fiber tissue and less length error. One machine can cover the cutting and processing of most vegetables, melons and fruits. The machine is easy to operate, beautiful and elegant in appearance; Stainless steel structure, easy to clean, in line with sanitary requirements; It has the advantages of small floor area and energy saving. Instead of the traditional backward manual production, it is an ideal processing equipment for vegetable food processing industry, restaurants, kitchens, hotels, large canteens, schools and fast food units.

Maintenance and precautions of commercial multifunctional vegetable chopper:

1. Before use, the ground wire shall be firmly connected at the ground wire mark to ensure personal safety.

2. Before use, check whether the rotation direction is consistent with the marked direction. If not, adjust the motor connector.

3. Remember to wash the cut vegetables and eliminate non vegetable hard objects (such as nails and stones) to avoid tool damage.

4. When it is not used for a long time, the tool shall be removed to remove impurities, oiled and kept.

5. The commercial multifunctional vegetable cutter uses centrifugal force to promote the vegetable cutting work. Therefore, the manual operation or the assigned specific speed is not timely, and the ideal effect can not be achieved.





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