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Steamed Bun Machine

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Steamed Bun Machine

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Steamed Bun Machine

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Steamed Bun Machine Description

Steamed stuffed bun machine is a food machine that puts fermented dough and mixed stuffing into the machine to process steamed stuffed bun. Additional equipment and noodle machine, mixer, noodle press, meat grinder, vegetable chopper, Dicer, chopper, vegetable stuffing machine, stuffing mixer, wake-up box and other equipment can be configured as required. The head of our baozi machine is very advanced, and the imported double frequency conversion is used, so the stability of the machine is improved. The double screw steamed stuffed bun machine uses a very advanced flour conveying and stuffing system, which pastes the gluten of the dough, truly makes the advantages of not damaging the gluten and improving the nature of the steamed stuffed bun. The machine is very fast and uniform when feeding the stuffing. No matter what type of stuffing is suitable. The steamed stuffed bun machine is designed according to the dynamic requirements when making steamed stuffed buns, which improves the density of steamed stuffed buns, so as to ensure the uniformity, elasticity and water holding capacity of steamed stuffed buns. Moreover, the steamed stuffed buns produced by the machine are more smooth, delicate, neat patterns and smooth taste, and the effect is significantly higher than that of manually made steamed stuffed buns. The baozi machine of our company is operated by microcomputer and has a very advanced control panel, so it ensures the size uniformity and elasticity of baozi.

Advantages of CNC automatic steamed stuffed bun machine of our company:

1. Our baozi machine adopts Taiwan gear reducer motor and high-quality frequency converter. The baozi produced by our factory has small error and low equipment noise. Using the latest 12 pleated disc, the steamed stuffed bun is more beautiful and the service life of the equipment is longer.

2. The steamed stuffed bun machine adopts advanced flour conveying and stuffing system to fully protect the gluten channels, really do not hurt the surface and ensure the texture of steamed stuffed bun. The stuffing is smoother and more uniform. No matter what kind of stuffing, it can be a steamed stuffed bun with excellent effect.

3. According to the dynamic scientific design required by the pastry process, to confirm the density of the product, so as to ensure that the pores of the product are uniform and fine, elastic toughness and water holding capacity are excellent, and the surface of the product is bright and delicate, the patterns are neat and the taste is smooth, which is far more than that of hand-made products.

4. Our company's automatic baozi machine adopts high-quality microcomputer control and humanized control panel, which makes the control accurate and reliable. Operate freely in 5 minutes.

5. The small steamed stuffed bun machine of our factory has a high degree of automation and accurate quantification, which makes the product size unified and adjustable at will. One or two people can operate it.

6. The products are diversified. The steamed stuffed bun machine can produce all kinds of stuffed products such as steamed stuffed buns, pumpkin cakes and small steamed buns

7. The steamed stuffed bun machine is light, occupies less land and is easy to move. The main parts are made of stainless steel with beautiful appearance and meet the national food hygiene standards.

8. The automatic steamed stuffed bun machine has reasonable structure, forming, filling, surface and control panel are independent, motor braking is not easy to cause joint failure, and maintenance, disassembly and cleaning are convenient.

9. This machine has low requirements for flour quality, and is suitable for all kinds of workplaces.

10. The work efficiency is equivalent to 8 to 12 workers making steamed stuffed buns at the same time, which is really low investment, high income and saving investment!

Maintenance method of automatic steamed stuffed bun machine:

1. After each shift, the machine should be cleaned in time, because the things in contact with food must be kept clean.

2. It is forbidden to use hard objects to smash, beat, pry and other bad operations during the disassembly and assembly of the surface feeding and filling mechanism and blade.

3. Put the blade back after cleaning. Please pay attention to the placement position.

4. Before startup, add a little edible oil or grease between the blades, and also inject an appropriate amount of edible oil into the transmission parts.

5. Apply vegetable grease once per shift in the cam groove.

6. Each bearing shall be disassembled and washed once every half a year.

7. Please maintain the reduction motor according to the routine maintenance of mechanical and electrical products.





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