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Precautions For Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine Operation

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Precautions for steamed stuffed bun machine operation:

1. For the cover plate of the die opening disc, add a small amount of smooth oil or grease between the blades.

2. After connecting the power supply (grounding shelter must be provided), check the forward and reverse rotation, close the switches of each department, let the machine idle, and check whether each department is deformed.

steamed stuffed bun machine

3. During the trial production, first close the molding switch, then close the conditioning flour pump switch, put the kneaded flour into the flour bucket until the machine makes the hollow steamed stuffed bun, then adjust the stuffing section button, make the portion of the first named skin according to the requested proportion, and turn off the flour pump switch.

4. Close the stuffing pump switch, put the stuffing into the stuffing bucket, and let the stuffing out of the machine head until the stuffing is full of the stuffing pump, and then close the supply surface to start and stop.

5. When the stuffing surface column is formed into a complete steamed stuffed bun through the die plate, it is processed (for stuffing conditioning) to make the steamed stuffed bun reach the required size and the proportion of skin and stuffing.

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