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Maintenance Method Of Automatic Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine

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Maintenance method of automatic steamed stuffed bun machine

1. After each shift, the machine should be cleaned in time, because the things in contact with food must be kept clean.

2. It is forbidden to use hard objects to smash, beat, pry and other bad operations during the disassembly and assembly of the surface feeding and filling mechanism and blade.

3. Put the blade back after cleaning. Please pay attention to the placement position.

steamed stuffed bun machine

4. Before starting each shift, add a little edible oil or grease between the blades, and also inject an appropriate amount of edible oil into the transmission parts.

5. Apply vegetable grease once per shift in the cam groove.

6. Each bearing shall be disassembled and washed once every half a year.

7. Please maintain the reduction motor according to the routine maintenance of mechanical and electrical products.

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