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Three Advantages Of The New Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine

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At present, three CNC frequency conversion controllers are selected for the new small steamed stuffed bun machines (the old models in the market now use the circuit board governor rather than the frequency converter) to complete the stepless speed change control of the face conveying system, filling conveying system, forming plate and conveyor belt, so as to make the production operation scale wider and the function more stable. Double stranded semi horizontal head system is selected to connect the transmission surface with high stability. steamed stuffed bun machineIt is planned to deepen the groove of the small steamed stuffed bun machine, increase the amount of flour and make it more circulating, fully maintain the strength of the flour, really do not hurt the gluten, and ensure the texture of steamed stuffed bun; The new filling pump is used to make the filling more circulating and uniform. No matter what kind of filling can make the steamed stuffed bun shape, it has an excellent effect.

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