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The Difference Between Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine And Dumpling Machine

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Compared with the traditional design method of steamed stuffed bun machine, the biggest feature of modular design of baozi machine is the application of electronic computer. In the past, a new type of baozi machine needed repeated trial production, test and modification, which generally took several years. On the computer, the product design of the new baozi machine can adopt three-dimensional digital modeling, and use professional software to optimize the selection, analysis and calculation of basic parts, until the engineering drawing is generated and the three-dimensional virtual assembly and simulation test are carried out. steamed stuffed bun machineWith the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, the types of baozi machine products are increasing rapidly and the structure is becoming more and more complex. Only the product design cycle is continuously shortened can it meet the needs of fierce competition. Modular mechanical design concept conforms to the concept of rapid design of mechanical products and the development needs of equipment manufacturing industry. It is one of the development directions of mechanical design and has high practical and economic value.

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