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Sausage Making Machine

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Sausage Making Machine

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Sausage Making Machine

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Sausage Making Machine Description

The sausage making machine is developed with advanced technology and applies pneumatic and photoelectric control principle. It can continuously and automatically make quantitative enema and medium food sausage. It is an ideal product with simple operation, convenient maintenance, high accuracy, good repeatability and easy operation. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, airtight and waterproof, and easy to clean. Sausage making machine is widely used for pouring all kinds of sausage products. Especially for dry fillings, the efficiency is better than other sausage making machines. The upper part of the machine is equipped with a storage hopper and a disc valve, which can realize continuous pouring without lifting the cover and improve the working efficiency. Sausage making machine is a new type of equipment, which uses the cylinder to drive the piston to move up (filling) and down (suction) in the quantitative cylinder to complete the filling function. The machine has small volume and low input. It is suitable for filling all kinds of sausage, ham and canned products. It is suitable for small and medium-sized meat products processing enterprises. It has the advantages of simple operation, easy cleaning, accurate quantification and error of no more than ± 3G. It is suitable for the production of sausages, sausage, sausage and paste products. The machine has high automation, advanced technology, stable performance, simple operation and high efficiency. It has the characteristics of not destroying material ingredients, keeping quality and keeping fresh.

Structure and working principle of sausage making machine:

The utility model comprises a piston rod, a piston and a cylinder block filled with meat, the lower end of the cylinder block is fixedly connected with a cone bucket, the cone bucket is connected with a cone sleeve for fastening the casing, and the cone bucket is connected with the cone sleeve, and also includes a fixed support and a movable support. The fixed support is fixedly connected by an upper support and a hollow pipe, the upper support is sleeved at the feed port of the cylinder block, and the hollow pipe is fixedly connected with the cone bucket, The lower end of the hollow pipe is equipped with a clamp to make a sausage machine, and a plane matching with the clamp is arranged at the bottom of the cone bucket. The movable support is sleeved on the piston rod and the hollow pipe, the movable support is equipped with a rotatable gear shaft, the gear shaft is fixed with a gear, and the piston rod is provided with teeth meshing with the gear.

Advantages of sausage making machine:

1. The filling and twisting of this machine are driven by servo motor.

2. The man-machine interface, servo motor, reducer and PLC controller equipped with the machine are imported parts.

3. The machine has the function of high-speed automatic twisting, and is suitable for natural casing, protein casing and smoked casing. The twisting speed can be adjusted steplessly according to different products and raw materials.

4. The twisting speed can be stepless regulated according to products and raw materials.

5. The error of normal mylonite shall not exceed ± 2G, and the error of normal block products shall not exceed ± 5g.

6. It can be connected with various punch in machines to realize automatic production.

7. It is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, which is reliable and durable, easy to clean and meets the requirements of food safety.

8. Piston hydraulic drive is adopted. After adjusting the working pressure, the material in the cylinder will be extruded under the action of hydraulic cylinder. It is applicable to a wide range of materials, especially for dry filling, which is more efficient than other sausage making machines.

9. The equipment has reasonable overall structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.




220V  50HZ


Stainless steel







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