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Operation Guide For Sausage Making Machine

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The operation flow and use steps of the hydraulic sausage making machine are as follows:

1. Connect the power supply for the first time (pay attention to the positive and negative wiring). Open the upper cover before use, and check whether it operates normally after no-load operation.

2. If the equipment operates normally, close the upper cover and tighten the bolts, open the feeding butterfly valve and close all the valves of the enema rod.

3. After items 1 and 2 are ready, pour the materials into the conical hopper and start the "suction" button. At this time, the materials will enter the enema cylinder with the suction of the cylinder piston. When the materials in the hopper are completely sucked, close the "suction" switch and close the feeding butterfly valve. Put the casing into the enema rod.

4. After completing the above items, first open the valve of the enema rod and start the "enema" switch. At this time, the enema state will be entered, and the material will be extruded with the piston in the cylinder moving up. Remember that if the casing is filled, press the "stop" button to stop the enema, and then close the valve before replacing the casing.

sausage making machine

5. If the materials in the feeding cylinder are filled, press the "stop" button to stop the operation, close all the valves of the enema rod, open the feeding butterfly valve at the same time, add the materials again, and repeat steps 3 and 4 to continue the enema.

6. Upon completion of the work, clean water shall be poured into the hopper, and the enema steps shall be repeated several times to flush out the residual materials. When there are many residual materials, the upper cover shall be opened and washed with clean water, the enema rod and valve shall be washed clean, and the power supply shall be cut off for the next use.

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