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The Sausage Making Machinehas A Stainless Steel Barrel

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The sausage making machinehas a stainless steel barrel and an integrated base, which is firm and durable, with a two speed design. The enema machine adopts casings of different specifications, which can process sausages and hams of different thickness; The electric enema machine is cheap. Various types of stranding and cutting machines have the advantages of multi-purpose, simple operation and stable quality. sausage making machineThe small enema machine has the advantages of small volume, large capacity, compact structure, convenient cleaning and long service life, and strictly conforms to the international health standards. The working principle is that it can pour fine, coarse-grained or chylous materials into the casing through filling nozzles with different diameters, so as to produce sausages and sausages, Blood sausage and other meat food!

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