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Working Principle Of Hydraulic Sausage Making Machine

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The hydraulic sausage making machine uses the hydraulic pump station as the power source to drive the hydraulic cylinder. It uses the screw propeller to operate and the piston hydraulic drive. After adjusting the working pressure, the material in the cylinder will be extruded under the action of the hydraulic cylinder. 

sausage making machineThe upper part is provided with a storage hopper and a disc valve, which can realize continuous pouring without lifting the cover. Similar to the principle of the meat grinder, it adopts screw propeller, motor or manual operation, radial feeding at the rear and axial extrusion at the front end. You can also remove the cutter at the front end of the meat grinder and replace it with a straight connecting pipe. The full name of the pneumatic enema machine is pneumatic quantitative kink enema machine, which can automatically and quantitatively kink. The quantitative range of the quantitative enema machine produced by Zhucheng Runyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is 30-1000g (adjustable), the number of automatic kinks in one minute can reach 60 times (according to the weight of sausage). It should be equipped with air pump and punch in machine. It is suitable for hot dog sausage, Taiwan roast sausage, etc.

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