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Lubrication Steps Of Sausage Making Machine

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Adaptability of lubricating oil of sausage making machine to lubricating coolant, rubber seals, paint materials, etc.: lubricating coolant is used in most sausage making machines. In the lubricating oil, the oil is often emulsified and deteriorated and the parts rust due to the mixing of coolant, which makes the rubber seals expand and deform, and makes the paint coating on the surface of parts bubble and peel off. sausage making machineTherefore, the adaptability of oil products to lubricating coolant, rubber seals and paint materials shall be considered to prevent oil leakage. Especially with the improvement of machine tool automation, lubricating / cooling general oil is used in some automatic and NC sausage making machines, which can be used as lubricating oil and lubricating coolant.

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