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Robot Noodle Machine

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Robot Noodle Machine

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Robot Noodle Machine

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Robot Noodle Machine Description

Noodle cutting robot, a series of intelligent face cutting machines, man-machine is a machine device that replaces manual technicians to perform face cutting work; It can not only complete the standardized cutting work according to the pre arranged program, but also temporarily accept the manual instructions to change the working state; It is a major breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of catering.

Structural features of intelligent robot noodle machine:
1. Most of the outer body is made of stainless steel, molded according to the shape of the human body, and built-in power device and transmission control device.
2. Overall three dimensions: 68 * 60 * 120 (CM).
3. Power consumption is low, and the power consumption in 12 hours does not exceed 3 degrees.
4. Work efficiency is high. Compared with manual technicians, there is no fatigue and emotional fluctuation affecting work efficiency. And there is no need to employ all labor costs such as wages, accommodation and welfare paid by manual technicians. It can really be described as an investment and permanent benefit!
5. The cut surface is like willow leaves, with uniform length, thickness and texture, which is difficult for manual technicians to achieve.
6. The service life is more than 6 years, there is no problem, the failure rate is very low, and spare vulnerable parts are attached.
7. A universal wheel is installed at the bottom, which is easy to move and fix, and the operation and use method is extremely simple.
Advantages of robot noodle cutter:
1. The shell of the machine is packed with stainless steel, which has the advantages of cleanliness and beauty, long service life, safety and hygiene.
2. The noodle cutter perfectly reproduces the essence of Shanxi noodle making by mechanical way, and solves the problem of manual kneading and noodle quality differentiation on this basis. The unique secondary kneading process of the noodle cutter makes the gluten grain form just along the cutting direction, so the taste of the cut noodles is better than that of the manual noodles.
3. 160 pieces of noodles per minute can not only completely liberate the noodle cutter from the heavy physical labor, but also deal with the peak passenger flow every day. It will be calm and customer satisfaction will be greatly improved.
4. Easy to use. The width and thickness of the noodles cut by the noodle cutter can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of different customers.
5. The noodles cut by the noodle cutter have beautiful shape, medium thickness, thin edges, clear edges, uniform length and smooth entrance channels.
6. The noodle cutter can save money by not eating or drinking. It can easily realize the standardized and mechanized operation of the kitchen, greatly reduce the management cost and improve the work efficiency and quality. Reduce the work pressure of managers. Reduce the cost of the kitchen, one-time investment, so that you worry, rest assured, at ease!
Usage of robot noodle cutter:
1. Plug in the power.
2. Press the raise button to raise the right arm of the machine to the highest position.
3. Knead the mixed dough into crescent shape, and then place it squarely on the supporting plate of the left arm.
4. Press the down button, then lower the right arm holding the blade and stop at the position 0.5mm away from the dough surface.
5. Press the start button to make the machine enter the state of formal milling.
6. According to the number of one-time noodles, you can adjust the large bowl, medium bowl and small bowl at will. If; Three bowls are needed. After setting, press to run. Generally, the large bowl can be set between 150-200, which can be set freely according to the length of the face and the size of the bowl.
7. Adjust the thickness of noodles and the size of bowl; Noodle thickness, bowl size and seconds. The thickness of noodles can be adjusted according to the needs of users.
8. Adjustment of the width of noodles: rotate the screw outward to make the noodles wider and inward to make the noodles narrower, which can be adjusted at will according to the requirements of customers.

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