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How To Use Intelligent Robot Noodle Cutter Correctly

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How to use intelligent robot noodle cutter correctly:

1. Plug in the power supply.

2. Press the raise button to raise the right arm of the machine to the highest position.

3. Knead your left arm on the kneading panel.

4. Press the down button, then lower the right arm holding the blade and stop at the position 0.5mm away from the dough surface.

5. Press the start button to make the robot noodle machine enter the formal cutting state.

robot noodle machine

6. The large bowl, medium bowl and small bowl can be adjusted according to the number of one-time noodles. If; Three bowls are needed. After setting, press to run. Generally, the large bowl can be set between 150-200, which can be set freely according to the length of the face and the size of the bowl.

7. Adjust the thickness of noodles and the size of bowl; Noodle thickness, bowl size and seconds. The thickness of noodles can be adjusted according to the needs of users.

8. Adjustment of the width of noodles: rotate the screw outward to make the noodles wider and inward to make the noodles narrower, which can be adjusted at will according to the requirements of customers.

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