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Precautions For Robot Noodle Cutter Operation

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First check the balance of the robot noodle machine and keep it horizontal without tilting; Observe the cutting edge of the cutting robot and check whether it is normal (subject to no residue, notch or obstacle on it); When cutting the panel, the bayonet and the bayonet shall be fixed without great shaking; The screws around should just catch the Cato.

1. After placing the cutting robot firmly, plug in the 220V power supply (it is recommended to use a voltage regulator for connection in areas with unstable power supply; ensure that the ground wire is connected normally); When the indicator lights on the eyes and chest flash for several seconds and there is no abnormality, proceed to the next step.

2. After checking that there is no abnormality in the control button at the bottom of the left side of the cutting robot, (green, red, blue and blue respectively from left to right. The functions of the button to control the movement of the machine are: start, pause, move down and move up respectively). Press and hold the blue rise button to raise the right arm of the robot to the maximum height.

3. Remove the panel in balance, knead and knead the reconciled dough into crescent shape (crescent shape is the best state of cutting dough), so that the dough and the panel will not slide and fall behind, and place it squarely on the support plate of the left arm.

4. Gently shake the knife edge by hand to ensure that the knife edge is fixed; After detecting that the fixed knife edge nut is not loose, click the blue drop button to lower the blade held by the right hand of the robot to a position 0.5cm higher than the central surface of the dough.

5. Press the green start button, and the machine will enter the formal working state.robot noodle machine

6. Press the red stop button at any time according to the required cooking amount. When the robot arm stops working, you can handle other things. If it does not stop, try to press the red button again. If the robot arm is still working, please cut off the power supply, wait a moment, start again and repeat 1-6 operations. If the above state still occurs, please contact the agent or the company's technical personnel immediately.

7. When the cutting edge of the robot is only about 1cm away from the panel, the machine will automatically stop the cutting task and rise slowly. At this time, you can't press any key at will until the cutting arm returns to the program setting point.

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