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Operation Guide For Robot Noodle Machine

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Check whether all parts and devices of the robot noodle machine are normal. After confirming that there is no problem, install the robot spaghetti machine firmly.

Turn on the power supply of the robot spaghetti machine, turn on the switch of the robot spaghetti machine, press the up button on the operation panel to raise the right arm of the machine to the highest position.

Knead the mixed dough into a crescent shape, then put it on the left arm support panel and press the down button, then lower the right arm of the hand-held blade, and stop at a position about 0.5mm from the dough surface.

Press the green start button to put the machine into the state of industrial and political eggplant production. Adjust the large bowl and the small bowl according to the number of one-time noodles. If three large bowls are required, set the large bowl on and press the operation button. Generally, the large bowl time can be set between 15-20 seconds, depending on the length of noodles and the size of the bowl.

robot noodle machine

If you want a wider face, you can turn the screw outward, and turn it inward to narrow it. If you want to change the thickness of the surface, you can press the thickness key, and press add (thicken) or decrease (thin side) according to the number on the numerical control display screen. The width, thickness and bowl size of the surface can be adjusted according to customer needs.

If the robot spaghetti machine is no longer used, press the red button on the control panel to stop the robot spaghetti machine. Then press the up button to raise the right arm of the robot to remove the remaining face on the panel and clean the panel.

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