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Operation Steps Of The Robot Noodle Machine

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Operation steps of the robot noodle machine:

1. Plug in the power supply.

2. Press the lifting button to raise the right arm of the machine to the highest position.

3. Knead the dough into crescent shape, place it upright, and place it on the left arm support plate.

4. Press down the lowering button, and then lower the right arm of the hand-held blade to a position about 0.5mm from the dough surface.

5. Press the start button to make the machine enter the formal milling state.

robot noodle machine

6. The large bowl and small bowl can be adjusted at any time according to the quantity of noodles cut at one time. For example, if three large bowls are needed, the large bowls can be opened and then adjusted. Generally, the time of one large bowl is 15-20 seconds, and they are placed according to the size of the bowls.

7. When the noodles are cut to about 1cm, the machine will automatically rise to the original bowl position, and then cut the noodles by analogy.

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